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The Office of Conciliation was started at the Archdiocese in 1973, under the name of the Office of Due Process. In September of 2000, the name was changed to the Office of Conciliation, a name that more clearly reflects the core mission of this office.

The department assists persons and organizations that find themselves in conflict and wish to resolve that conflict in a manner that reflects Christian principles and Catholic social justice teaching. The primary focus is to bring about reconciliation and to heal damaged relationships.

The Office of Conciliation assists persons in achieving reconciliation on issues that were not able to be resolved at the local level. Its services are available for individuals, groups of persons, or organizations within the Archdiocese who contend that an act, failure to act, or a decision of some other individual, group, or organization within the Archdiocese has violated a right recognized as such in the law of the Church or in the documents of the Magisterium.

In fulfilling its mission, the Office of Conciliation recognizes four key principles of Catholic social teaching:

  • The value and dignity of the human person
  • The common good
  • Participation
  • Justice

By applying these principles, we seek a unified relationship among individuals and between individuals and organizations.