Careers Website Update

The updated archdiocesan Careers website launched Friday, April 26. The website address remains, but the website has an updated look, as well as a few changes.

Submitting Jobs

Employers submitting jobs must now create an account prior to posting. (You will be prompted to do so once clicking on the “Submit a Job” button.)  With an account, employers can:

  • Receive notice when their job is posted
  • Edit their listing (note: edits require the job to be reviewed again prior to reposting)
  • End (remove) a job listing
  • Login to see all current and expired jobs they have posted, and select a job to “relist” (repost) if they’d like to do so.
    • Standard duration of job listings will be 30 days, unless the employer has specified a deadline when submitting the posting.
    • Link to “Login”/”Logout” is located in the bottom right-hand corner of the website, scrolled to the bottom. The “View Job Dashboard” link, next to “Login”/”Logout,” displays all jobs posted from your account.

Featured Listings

Jobs are still free to post for parishes, Catholic schools and Catholic organizations within the Archdiocese. However, employers may also purchase a “Featured Listing,” which – in addition to the free listing – displays the job posting in a section above the latest job postings. Cost for a “Featured Listing” is currently $30 for three weeks.

For locations outside the Archdiocese, the fee remains $30 per year for postings. A “Featured Listing” would cost an additional $30 per listing.

Notes about Posting Fields

Some of the posting fields appear in a different order. Additionally, employers will be prompted to list the organization twice and optionally a salary range twice; this is because both queries will populate that information in different ways on the site. One field that has changed: Parishioner count has changed to parish households, as that seems to be the more commonly used number when describing the size of the parish. If choosing not to list one or more of the “optional” drop-down fields, please select “Information Not Provided.”

Please contact with questions.