Canon law is the legal system governing the Catholic Church. It touches on all aspects such as Church governance and temporal affairs, the administration of the sacraments, penal law and processes, and the relationships between the Archdiocese, its parishes and institutions, and clergy and laity. With the exception of questions relating to declarations of nullity (also called annulments), the Chancellor for Canonical Affairs handles requests related to canon law. Some examples include:

  • Receiving an Imprimatur: An Imprimatur is an official declaration that a book or pamphlet is free from doctrinal or moral error. No implication is contained therein that those who have granted the Imprimatur agree with the contents, opinions, or statements expressed. Contact us for more information.
  • Visiting Clergy: The office issues Letters of Suitability and assists in matters related to visiting clergy (see the related policy). Contact us for more information.
  • Tickets to See the Pope: If you’re visiting Rome and would like to see the Pope, you may request General Audience tickets
  • Papal Blessing: The Office of Papal Charities has updated the system for requesting Papal Blessings and the Faithful are encouraged to contact the Vatican directly here. By utilizing this link, you will be able to choose the format of parchment blessing you prefer. The system allows you to pay online. All of these improvements have greatly increased efficiency and turnaround time. You will now receive your parchment blessing via courier within a matter of weeks and not months.
  • Marriage Dispensations and Permissions are handled by the Vice Chancellor. Contact us for details.
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