The Office of Indian Ministry serves the Indigenous population of the Archdiocese and its primary purpose is to be in relationship with the Indigenous people of the Archdiocese. The state of Minnesota is homeland to two major tribal groups – the Dakota and Anishinabe/Ojibway/Chippewa people – but we come in contact with multiple national and international Indigenous people such as Dine/Navajo, Pina, Mayan, Mesotec, Apache, Haucholi, Incan and many more. The Office of Indian Ministry seeks to provide a listening presence that is respectful of their culture and allows the Church to be an accompanying presence in their lives. It is a resource to those in the Archdiocese who need information about cultural and spiritual practice of Indigenous people, and it provides presence as a bridge of Catholic and Indigenous culture at religious, civic, and tribal events.

Church of Gichitwaa Kateri, Minneapolis

The parish gathers on Sunday at 10 a.m. for multicultural worship, which integrates the Catholic liturgy with Dakota and Anishinabe language and cultural/spiritual practice. The parish provides outreach to the community and native people in the area. This includes Miigeweyon (I am Going Home), a program that brings the deceased to their home reservation, and outreach for those dealing with addiction or poverty. It is also a place for wakes and funerals, as well as grief support. Click to view more information.


Shawn Phillips, Parish Director/Pastoral Minister: 612-339-0734,

Maryanna Harstad, Program Director: 612-824-7606,