The Delegate for Consecrated Life serves as a liaison between the Archbishop and members of Consecrated Life in the Archdiocese of Saint Paul and Minneapolis. The Delegate is also advisory and a resource for and about the various expressions of Consecrated Life.


To learn more, contact the Delegate for Consecrated Life, Sister Carolyn Puccio, CSJ, or the Office of Vocations.


Retirement Fund For Religious


Annually, an appeal is made in all parishes for Retired Women and Men Religious to provide critical support to religious institutions in meeting the escalating costs of elder care. The appeal begins in early December, with collections occurring December –February. To learn more, visit retire or contact local coordinator Sister Lynore Girmscheid.


Current Members of Consecrated Life: If you are new to the area, please complete the Community Update Form below. If you currently serve in the Archdiocese and need to update your contact information, please contact Sister Carolyn Puccio.


Community Update Form