The etymology of “study” means “to strive towards,” to “devote oneself” and “to cultivate.” Bible studies are a great way to cultivate a deeper relationship with Jesus and life of prayer.

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Local Bible Studies

A Women’s Study: Encounter the Women of Scripture by Elizabeth M. Kelly

Join local author and speaker Elizabeth M. Kelly in an 8-week bible study based on her new book: Jesus Approaches, What Today’s Woman Can Learn about Healing, Freedom and Joy from the Women of the New Testament. By immersing ourselves in the stories of Jesus and the New Testament women, we will grow in confidence and skill in praying with scripture and in making the Gospel story our own. Strengthen the tether between your heart and the Sacred Heart of Jesus. Each session includes a lecture and small group discussion.

Ignite Your Faith Adult Faith Formation Bible Study by Father Mike Van Sloun and Andrew Allen

Bartholomew’s in Wayzata invites you to join in their fall Thursday night Bible Study with Pastor Fr. Mike Van Sloun or Friday morning Bible Study with Faith Formation Director, Andrew Allen. Participants are given the Mass readings for the following Sunday where you will discover the meaning of the readings through study, prayer and reflection. Join in seeking to know Christ more fully by careful study of his words to us. No registration necessary.

Acts of the Apostles: The Church from Jerusalem to Rome with Father John Echert

This four-week Bible study series on the Acts of the Apostles will examine the significant events and figures in the early Church of the apostolic period. Beginning with the Divine Commission of Christ to bring the Gospel to the ends of the Earth, we will examine the birth of the Church on the Feast of Pentecost and the initial outpouring of the Holy Spirit. We will focus upon the power of the Spirit of Jesus at work in the apostolic Church as well as the resistance to that power by the enemies of the Church. Download the study guide.

Advent Bible Study: A Journey to Bethlehem with Father John Echert

This 4-week Bible study series examines the Advent Mass readings, especially the Sunday readings, as well as the Gospels of the final days of Advent and the four Christmas Gospels for each of the Masses of the Christmas itself. Participants will consider how the various readings from the Old Testament and the New Testament have been carefully chosen by the Church in order to prepare the faithful not only for the celebration of the Birth of Christ on Christmas, but also to prepare for His return in glory in the second coming at the end of time. Download the study guide.

Encounter Christ in the Mass with Father John Echert

This four week Bible study series on the Mass draws upon biblical texts, historical background and ecclesiastical texts to provide insight and a deeper understanding into the Sacred Liturgy of the Mass. Topics include the Old Testament practice of worship and sacrifice, New Testament texts regarding the essence and theology of the Mass, the organic development and form of the Mass, and the Liturgical calendar and components of the Mass. Participants can expect that this study will enhance their knowledge of and appreciation for the greatest reality on Earth. Download the study guide.

The Apocalypse and Kingship of Christ – A Bible Study with Father John Eckert

This four-week series coincides with the end of the liturgical year, which closes with the Feast of Christ the King, as well as the start of Advent, which focuses on the Apocalypse and return of Christ. Down the the Advent Bible Study Guide_2019

Links to the audio recordings can be found here: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3 and Part 4.

Nationally Recognized Bible Studies