There are two primary ways parishes are involved in a flow of funds to the Archdiocese: through parish assessment and through insurance and benefits payments.

Parish assessments are essential to deliver the services, programs and ministries of the Archbishop. In the Archdiocese of Saint Paul and Minneapolis, assessment revenue supports the Archdiocesan Corporation, as well as the wages and benefits of its employees. In general, the assessment rate is 8 percent of all assessable income for parishes with a school — which include those that support a consolidated or regional school by contributing at least 15 percent of their plate and envelope collections — or 9 percent for parishes without a school. See the chart for details on how assessment dollars are used.

Common platform insurance and benefits are supervised by archdiocesan staff and governed by function‐unique committees and boards of trustees. These include:

  • General Insurance Program
  • Lay and Priest Pension Plan
  • Archdiocese of Saint Paul and Minneapolis Medical Benefit Plan (AMBP)
  • Priest Medical and Dental Benefits
  • 403(b) Plan
  • Sabbatical Fund

Additional Information for Parish Staff: Find information regarding the Parish Financial Report, Annual Parish Representation Letter, proxies, budget planning, agreed‐upon procedure (AUP) requirements and more on archCONNECT. For parish staff that do not have an archCONNECT account, please request an account as prompted on the login page. If you have questions related to archCONNECT, please contact