Additional Disclosure of Names – Part of The Archdiocese’s Comprehensive Approach to Address Sexual Misconduct

Updated October 2014

As part of our ongoing commitment to address sexual misconduct in Church ministry, the Archdiocese of Saint Paul and Minneapolis today released the names and assignment history information of three priests and two religious brothers against who claims of sexual abuse of a minor within our archdiocese have been found to be substantiated. This information can be found on our Clergy Disclosures page on

The names released today are:

Stephen Baker

Edmund Frost 

Robert Ruglovsky

Justin Weger

Francis Zachman

All the men named today are deceased and in all cases the abuse occurred more than 25 years ago. Four of the men were members of religious orders and the other man was assigned by the Eparchy of Parma at a Byzantine rite parish within the geographical boundaries of the archdiocese. While religious brothers are not ordained clergy, we are including their names because they had an official parish assignment within this archdiocese.

We are making these disclosures as part of the ongoing review of clergy personnel files conducted by Kinsale Management Consulting at the request of the archdiocese.  Beginning in December 2013, Kinsale reviewed the personnel files of all men in ministry as clergy in the Archdiocese of Saint Paul and Minneapolis at any point from 1970 to the present, whether or not they remain in public ministry. Kinsale reviewed a total of 3,333 clergy files before completing their work in April 2014. The purpose of the review was to determine whether there are additional cases of sexual abuse or other misconduct that require investigation by law enforcement, public disclosure or other action by the archdiocese.

The archdiocese has shared information discovered through the Kinsale file review with law enforcement. We pledge to continue to cooperate with civil authorities and we urge any victims of abuse who have not yet come forward to please contact civil authorities to make a report.

The archdiocese will continue to make prudent and ongoing disclosures if additional information is found. We recognize that timely disclosure is important to safeguard children and youth and we are committed to making timely disclosure if a member of the clergy is accused of abuse. It is also clear from conversation with victims that disclosure is an important part of the healing process.

Archdiocesan leaders apologize for the harm done by clergy abuse and we acknowledge the pain caused to victims and their families and friends. We ask for forgiveness from victims and their loved ones and we pray for healing.