Archdiocese Reports Financial Support for Marriage Amendment

Effort Backed by All of Minnesota’s Catholic Bishops

The Archdiocese of Saint Paul and Minneapolis announced today that, as part of a state-wide effort of all of the Catholic bishops of Minnesota, it provided $650,000 in 2011 to the Minnesota Catholic Conference (MNCC) for that organization’s activities in support of the Minnesota Marriage Protection Amendment. Marriage as a union between one man and one woman is an essential teaching of the Church and a fundamental value that serves the common good of society. Similar contributions by other Minnesota-based church groups have not yet been reported. The financial support which the Archdiocese has made is similar to that of other Catholic dioceses across the country facing marriage ballot proposals.

This contribution will be reported to the Campaign Finance and Public Disclosure Board in accordance with state campaign law. The source of these funds was investment income; it did not come from parish assessments, the Catholic Service Appeal, or donations to parishes or to the Archdiocese. Funding levels for other priorities of the Archdiocese have remained constant, or have even increased, during the past year. This includes $2.8 million for elementary and secondary education, and $1.4 million for Catholic Charities, whose programs benefit those most in need in our community.

The need for an amendment to the Minnesota constitution protecting the institution of marriage was shown again in a Minnesota Court of Appeals ruling on January 23. The appeals court ruled that a lawsuit, filed in Hennepin County on behalf of those who want to redefine marriage, must be sent back to the district court for further proceedings, effectively putting the institution of marriage on trial.

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