Modern Natural Family Planning (NFP) is healthy, medically safe, reliable and easy to learn.

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How Does NFP Work?

Men are ordinarily fertile at all times; a woman, during her cycle, normally becomes fertile and then naturally infertile. As this happens, her body provides certain signs or symptoms that indicate her fertility or infertility. The couple can use this awareness to help them achieve or postpone a pregnancy.

Why Use NFP?

    • NFP is Medically Safe– There are no harmful side effects involved in the practice of Natural Family Planning. The couple is free from drugs, devices or chemicals that alter their normal reproductive systems and cause unwanted and dangerous side effects.
    • NFP is Reliable and Easy to Learn– Studies have demonstrated a method effectiveness of 99% in postponing pregnancy when NFP is properly taught, understood, and used by a motivated couple. NFP is as effective as any drug on the market. NFP is not to be confused with calendar rhythm, which was not able to account for cycle irregularity. NFP is helpful to couples who experience difficulty achieving pregnancy because it enables them to identify the most fertile times in each cycle.
    • NFP Protects New Life– There is nothing to hinder the development of the newly conceived life. All chemical forms of birth control change the lining of the uterus. All forms of the Pill, IUD, and birth control injections and implants can cause an early abortion in any given cycle.
    • NFP Promotes Intimacy– Ongoing communication and creative means of showing affection are a part of successful NFP practice.


Each individual NFP provider group offers instruction based upon one of three methods: Ovulation Method, Sympto-Thermal Method or Marquette Method. All three methods encourage shared responsibility by both the husband and wife in using all aspects of their sexuality – physical, spiritual, intellectual, and emotional.

The Ovulation Methods is a simple but highly effective way to precisely identify the days of fertility during the menstrual cycle. Cervical mucus appears as a normal discharge around the time of ovulation and is essential to human fertility. Dryness, the absence of mucus, identifies the days of infertility. Through the Ovulation Method instruction, a woman learns to become aware of the presence or absence of mucus as a part of her daily routine. With this information, the couple knows day by day whether or not they are fertile. Together they share the important decision-making process to achieve or avoid pregnancy.

The Ovulation Method can be successfully for couples if the woman has regular or irregular cycles. If a woman is not ovulating due to breast feeding, discontinuing the contraceptive pill, or for some health condition, infertility can be confidently identified. During the transitional years leading to menopause, couples can also confidently recognize fertility and infertility.

  • The presence of mucus indicates the days of fertility. Intercourse on days of fertility is a highly effective means for a couple to achieve pregnancy. The Ovulation Method can be of great help even for couples who have had difficulty becoming pregnant.
  • The absence of mucus, or dryness, indicates days of infertility. Extensive research has demonstrated that intercourse on days of infertility will not result in pregnancy.
  • Couples learn and successfully use the Ovulation Method under the guidance of professional Natural Family Planning practitioners.

A woman has several signs of fertility and infertility. The Sympto-Thermal Method is based primarily on two observations of these signs – changes in the cervical mucus and changes in the waking temperature, or the basal body temperature. Changes in the cervix may also be observed as a means of cross checking the other signs.In the Sympto-Thermal Method course, couples learn to observe, record, and interpret these signs. They can also use them individually as a mucus-only or temperature-only system. By cross checking these signs, couples see how the signs complement and reinforce each other, giving them more confidence in learning and using the method.

In the Sympto-Thermal Method, the couple will learn about breastfeeding and its many benefits for both mother and baby. They will also learn about “ecological breastfeeding”, which can postpone the return of fertility.

  • A high effectiveness rate is maintained in all types of cycles: regular or irregular, long or short cycles; during breastfeeding or pre-menopause. Help is also offered to couples having difficulty achieving pregnancy.
  • Acknowledging that fertility is couple fertility, the Sympto-Thermal Method encourages participation by both spouses in observing and recording the woman’s day-to-day picture of fertility.

Pharmacist and natural family planning educator Emily Kirkwold teaches the Marquette Method of NFP. This method gives you multiple options for tracking your cycles and then using that information to either avoid a pregnancy naturally or optimize timing to achieve a pregnancy. NFP is also helpful for women with any menstrual cycle issues to track any patterns and be able to make changes to improve your health.

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