Statement Regarding Bishop Accountability Measures Approved by USCCB

From Archbishop Bernard A. Hebda

I found great encouragement in the actions taken this week by the bishops of the United States. There was overwhelming support for the measures taken to make sure that structures are in place to hold bishops accountable for their actions, structures that call upon the indispensable gifts and expertise of our lay sisters and brothers. Our first order of business will be to implement all that we, as the Metropolitan Archdiocese for the province of Minnesota, North Dakota and South Dakota, need to do to carry out Pope Francis’ vision for increased accountability, especially regarding putting into place and publicizing clear protocols for following up on reports concerning bishops and ensuring that appropriate accountability measures are instituted to measure compliance with these protocols. I am grateful that we have long had a very positive experience and tradition of lay leadership in both conducting investigations and reaching out to those who have been harmed. I look forward to working with the bishops from around our region to expand the list of lay experts willing to collaborate in this critical work.