Statement Regarding Claim of Missing Jewelry

On June 9, a letter was submitted to the court regarding the quantity and value of the Archdiocese’s assets listed as part of the Plan of Reorganization, which was filed May 26. The assets addressed in the letter included jewelry and art. The following statement has been released by the Archdiocese to address this letter.

Statement Regarding Claim of Missing Jewelry

From Thomas Mertens, Chief Financial Officer

All jewelry and similar items of value belonging to the Archdiocese of Saint Paul and Minneapolis were catalogued and appraised by independent professionals prior to January 2015, as part of our filing for Reorganization. The total appraised value of our jewelry was $265,400.

As we have informed the Court, $236,000 of that total is from a ring donated to the Archdiocese by Archbishop Murray which is scheduled to be sold as part of our Plan of Reorganization to compensate those who have filed claims against the Archdiocese. Other non-essential items without liturgical value will also be sold.

In addition to jewelry, our filing included $94,378 of books, maps, documents, autographs and other religious objects (including crosiers). Like the jewelry, non-essential items without religious liturgical significance will be sold.

We are unaware of any consignment of valuables by the Archdiocese to Bockstruck Jewelers or to anyone else. Anyone having knowledge of any valuables belonging to the Archdiocese and being held by third parties are asked to bring that matter to the attention of the Archdiocese by calling Timothy O’Malley, the Director of our Office of Ministerial Standards and Safe Environment at 651-291-4400.

If we find any indication of criminal activity, the appropriate local or federal law enforcement agency will be notified immediately.