Statement Regarding Curtis Wehmeyer

From Archbishop John Nienstedt, Archbishop of Saint Paul and Minneapolis

I have been informed by the Holy See that our Holy Father, Pope Francis, has dismissed Curtis Wehmeyer from the clerical state. The effect of this decision is that Wehmeyer has been permanently and definitively barred from presenting himself as a priest or exercising priestly ministry. He is also prohibited from exercising a teaching or leadership role in any Catholic institution. This decision is the final resolution of Wehmeyer’s status as a priest.

In February 2013, Wehmeyer was convicted in Ramsey County of 20 felony charges for sexual abuse of two minors and possession of child pornography. He was sentenced to 60 months in prison. On November 7, 2014, Wehmeyer was also charged in Chippewa County, Wisconsin, with second degree sexual assault regarding an incident that occurred in the summer of 2011. Wehmeyer remains incarcerated.

Wehmeyer has been made aware of the decision, and all priests and parishes of the Archdiocese have been notified.

I am deeply saddened and have been profoundly affected by the stories I continue to hear from victims/survivors of clergy sexual abuse. My focus, and the focus of the Archdiocese, is to do all we can to keep children safe while offering resources for help and healing.