Statement Regarding Denial of Substantive Consolidation

From Archbishop Bernard Hebda

I was pleased to learn that Judge Robert Kressel has decided that the motion to consolidate the assets of over 200 parishes and other Catholic institutions into the Archdiocese’s bankruptcy was not warranted.

I am particularly thankful that he was not swayed by the allegations that the Archdiocese had hidden assets and engaged in deceptive practices or by the other arguments that had been submitted in support of the motion. The Archdiocese has fully and appropriately disclosed its assets. We certainly concur with Judge Kressel’s earlier comments that inflammatory allegations to the contrary are not helpful as the case moves forward. Further litigation could needlessly prolong the process and take away funds from claimants.

The Archdiocese nonetheless continues to stand ready to work with counsel for sexual abuse claimants to provide fair compensation as part of our Plan of Reorganization.