Statement Regarding Rev. Gerald Grieman

From Archbishop Bernard Hebda

In 2014, law enforcement investigated an allegation that Father Grieman sexually abused a minor in the early 1990s. In 2015, the Ramsey County Attorney’s Office declined prosecution. Father Grieman retired from full-time ministry in 2000 and currently resides in Phoenix. He has been out of ministry while the criminal case and subsequent internal investigation have been pending.

After prosecution was declined, Father Grieman’s case was then brought to the Archdiocese’s Office of Ministerial Standards and Safe Environment. Investigators conducted an investigation, reviewed law enforcement’s investigative file and provided all gathered information to the Ministerial Review Board (MRB). After reviewing those materials to assess Father Grieman’s fitness for ministry, the MRB recommended that Father Grieman should be permitted to return to ministry.  Tim O’Malley, Director of the Office of Ministerial Standards and Safe Environment, also recommended that Father Grieman be authorized to engage in ministry.

I agree with the recommendations of the MRB and the Director, and authorize Father Gerald Grieman’s return to public ministry.  The allegation of sexual abuse of a minor and the resolution of that allegation will be disclosed to any dioceses in which Father Grieman, in retirement, engages in public ministry.