Statement on Return to Ministry of Rev. Paul Moudry

From Archbishop Bernard Hebda

Rev. Paul Moudry was ordained in 1987. In November 2013, he took a voluntary leave of absence from priestly ministry.

While Father Moudry was on leave, an investigation of an anonymous allegation of misconduct was conducted.  During the investigation, Father Moudry self-reported that he engaged in inappropriate conduct with adults in the 1970s and 1980s. That conduct did not involve minors and was not illegal. Father Moudry cooperated during the investigation and the subsequent review process.

After examining Father’s file, reviewing the investigation and interviewing Father Moudry, the Ministerial Review Board recommended that Father Moudry be permitted to return to ministry. The Director of Ministerial Standards concurred with the board’s recommendation. I accepted those recommendations and am now considering an assignment.