Supporting the Mission of the Church FY 2018

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The Archdiocese of St. Paul and Minneapolis serves Catholics and the greater 12-county Twin Cities community. The following narrative explains the function of each department and the funding level for Fiscal Year 2018. There also is a chart that illustrates the expenditures, as compared to other departments.

Catholic Education • $1,313,560

The Office for the Mission of Catholic Education (OMCE) provides support for Catholic schools and parish faith formation programs in the archdiocese by focusing on Catholic identity, leadership development and assistance in implementing academic programs. A particular area of emphasis is providing programmatic oversight to promote innovation and excellence in local urban Catholic Schools. The OMCE is focused on forming a new generation of Catholic students by teaming up with private partners including the Aim Higher Foundation, Catholic Schools Center of Excellence and GHR Foundation.

Central Services • $5,109,558

The Department of Central Services provides support and services to archdiocesan staff and the parishes. The department includes the offices of the chancellors of civil and canonical affairs, information technology services, the metropolitan tribunal, human resources and benefits, records and archives, the Office of Financial Standards and Parish Accounting, and facility and maintenance. Also covered in this category are assessments to the Minnesota Catholic Conference and the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops.

Clergy Services • $4,739,194

The role of this office is to provide support and formation for priests and deacons in all aspects of ministry and pastoral care. Services provided by this office include the following:

Seminary Formation: There are currently 54 men in formation for the priesthood for service of our archdiocese. While the number changes throughout the discernment process, our archdiocese has one of the largest enrollments of seminarians of any diocese in the country. The archdiocese funds the medical and dental coverage of those seminarians, as well as tuition, room and board of those attending the Pontifical North American College in Rome.

Center for Clergy Formation: Institute of Ongoing Formation for Clergy and the Institute of Diaconate Formation comprise the Center for Clergy Formation. Each entity of the center provides an integrated approach to priestly and diaconate formation, including gatherings and support for newly ordained priests, programs to assist new pastors in their role and ongoing formation opportunities for priests and deacons throughout the archdiocese.

Continuing Education: This includes continuing education opportunities, a sabbatical program, international enculturation and a biennial presbyteral assembly.

Ministerial Standards and Safe Environment: The mission of the Office of Ministerial Standards and Safe Environment is to work with our community to prevent the sexual abuse of minors and vulnerable adults through a number of initiatives, including implementing abuse prevention programs, immediately reporting allegations of abuse to law enforcement and/or child/adult protection officials and cooperating fully with their investigations, and helping those affected by abuse in their healing journey.

Priest Support: This includes support for priests who are not in ministry due to personal health issues or a disciplinary leave of absence, as well as those who have been permanently removed from ministry.

Chaplaincies: There are 36 priests and 25 deacons in full- or part-time ministry at hospitals and correctional facilities throughout the archdiocese who are supported by the archdiocese. There are many other priests and deacons throughout the archdiocese who provide pastoral care at health care, correctional facilities or schools, either as a ministry of their parish or through their outreach work. They offer the sacraments and spiritual support during some of the most difficult times in peoples’ lives. Last year, thousands of people throughout our community were served by chaplains.

Specialized Ministries: This includes the Office of Vocations, support for international clergy and retired clergy, which includes the operation of the Leo C. Byrne Residence for retired priests in St. Paul.

Communications • $1,875,894

The Office of Communications helps convey the teachings of the Church and fosters communications between the archdiocese and the faithful, parish and school leaders and staff, and others in our community. It does this through The Catholic Spirit, multiple websites, social media, e-newsletters, printing services and other communications. The office also conducts media consultation and training for clergy, parishes and other representatives of the archdiocese, and it works with secular TV and radio stations, as well as with print and online publications.

Community Services • $75,050

The archdiocese helps men, women and children most in need within our local community, including the poor, hungry, and homeless, primarily through cash support to Catholic Charities of St. Paul and Minneapolis.

Evangelization • $267,180

The Office of Evangelization (OE) creates opportunities for people to encounter Jesus Christ and to make the truth of Christ and his Church clearly understood and accessible. Evangelization efforts are created and experienced in cooperation with parishes and Catholic schools and the many ministry groups throughout this local Church. The Office of Evangelization’s initiatives include a grandparents ministry and Catholic Watchmen.

Marriage, Family and Life • $856,950

This Office of Marriage, Family and Life assists the laity and parishes through programs supporting marriage preparation, family education programming, respect life, pro-life groups, biomedical ethics and outreach for people with disabilities.

The office also sponsors the annual Archdiocesan Youth Day that brings together hundreds of local high-school-aged teens to praise God, grow in the faith and find fellowship. In addition, this office helps coordinate local representatives attending the National March for Life, World Youth Day, the National Catholic Youth Conference and other youth events.

Parish Services and Outreach • $1,517,428

The Office of Parish Services provides consultation, planning and leadership development opportunities to parishes throughout the archdiocese. The archdiocese supports outreach ministry to various groups and members of the archdiocesan community, including Indian ministry, black Catholic initiatives, the Venezuelan mission, the Archdiocesan Council of Catholic Women, deaf ministry, and other groups and coalitions.

Latino Ministries • $475,989

There are more than 24 Latino Ministry parishes throughout the archdiocese that receive support from the Office of Latino Ministry. These Latino Ministry parishes offer the sacraments, catechesis and spiritual support to tens of thousands of Spanish speaking people throughout the local Church. The Office of Latino Ministry also oversees special days of celebration of faith and family throughout the year. In addition, biblical, catechetical and pastoral leadership formation institutes are provided for members of the Latino community to assist them in growing in the faith.

Support Services
General and Administrative • $2,905,425

The offices of the archbishop, retired archbishops, bishops, vicar general, accounting, finance and general administration are included in the General and Administrative category. Over half of this expense category supports salaries and benefits of staff. Also included are expenses incurred for non-bankruptcy related legal fees and bad debt expense.

Stewardship and Development • $468,100

This office works with parishes and Catholic schools to help grow a culture of stewardship in local communities and to support parish and school development efforts. The office also engages in outreach to benefactors who wish to support specific ministries or programs of the Chancery Corporation.