The Chancellor for Civil Affairs provides legal advice and counsel to the Archbishop, the curial staff and departments within the Archdiocesan Corporation on a variety of legal issues including real estate law, employment law, school law, civil litigation, drafting and editing Archdiocesan policies, insurance matters, constitutional law, reviewing and drafting contracts, church law and non-profit law.

The Chancellor’s Office also provides training seminars on various relevant legal topics. The Chancellor for Civil Affairs serves as a legal resource for parishes, schools and cemeteries within the Archdiocese. Specific tasks entrusted to the Chancellor include serving as a legal resource for the Office of Conciliation, reviewing parish trustee appointments, reviewing and drafting parish proxies, and overseeing all civil litigation relating to the Archdiocesan Corporation.

Resources relevant to clergy, staff and those in leadership roles at parishes and Catholic schools may be found on archCONNECT.

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