Thank you for praying for an end to the COVID-19/coronavirus pandemic, and for all those affected by it. Below are two ways you can commit to prayer at this challenging time.

Pray for COVID-19 Anointing Corps, Patients and Support Teams

Parishioners across the Archdiocese are invited to prayerfully support those who are suffering most intensely, usually in sterile isolation, as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Text: archspm-anointing to 55321 or sign up here to receive a text each time a COVID-19 Anointing Corps Priest is dispatched to give the Last Rites. Upon receipt of the text, those in this ministry commit to take a moment to pray:

  • One Our Father for the patient who is in danger of death, as they prepare to meet our Heavenly Father face-to-face;
  • One Hail Mary for the patient’s family and friends, asking the Blessed Mother, Our Lady of Sorrows, to intercede to comfort them; and
  • One Glory Be in thanksgiving for the priest and for his protection, as well as the medical team attending to the patient.

Want to know more about the Sacrament of Anointing of the Sick? See these articles under our Catholic Faith section:

Pray for Health Care Workers

Commit to daily prayer for health care workers who have requested our prayers. Text: archspm-healthcare to 55321 or sign up here. A full list of those requesting prayers will be posted below.

Please Pray for These Individuals in Health Care
  • Harper Skulley: Sonographer at Betheseda Hospital 
  • Anonymous: RN normally work in the OR but have been floating to the COVID ICU’s 
  • Miss Anne Radtke: New Nurse working in ICU 
  • Anonymous: Nurse working in the operating room. Husband is immunosuppressive…a kidney transplant patient 
  • Ms. Kathy Burns: Physical therapist working in home care 
  • Miss Magdalena LaFond: Working in a nursing home 
  • Anonymous: An Anesthesiologist caring for patients with COVID-19 
  • Del Sliter: Health Care worker at a Skilled Nursing Facility 
  • Anonymous
  • Anne Fashant
  • Anonymous: Medical Lab Scientist in Microbiology 
  • Laura W: Nurse working in a hospital on a medical unit
  • Anonymous: Hospitalist working in Minneapolis 
  • Mrs. Jeanne Hill
  • Anonymous: Chaplain in a nursing home
  • DiAnn Akkerman: Dietitian working in long-term care 
  • Anonymous: Pediatrician working in the hospital 
  • Amy Smith: PA working in the Emergency Department 
  • Kelly Meyer: I work at Hennepin Healthcare. 
  • Matt Meyer: Dentist
  • Mary: RN working at United Hospital 
  • Beth Remarcke LMFT
  • Ms. Anne Marie Hansen: Admin at Gianna Homes- for nurses, aides, admin and other staff in our assisted living who are fighting this virus and working long hours with no reprieve in sight. 
  • Dr. Rick McGeehan: EM Physician 
  • Sarah Cole: Nurse, Mayo Clinic, Rochester, MN
  • Jonathan Berger: PA working in ICU at Bethesda 
  • Mr. Peter Tierney: ICU RN at University of Minnesota Hospital 
  • Anonymous: Working on floors in hospitals in the managing of patients’ equipment used in their treatment for COVID-19 
  • Mrs. JoAnn Nelson: ER R.N.
  • Ms. Jenna Nelson: Radiology Tech 
  • Mrs. Kathleen Rose: Nursing aide in assisted living and memory care
  • Mrs. Juana Godina
  • Mrs. Maggie Fossand: Nurse working in emergency department 
  • Anonymous: Nurse in hospital
  • Carol Langer: PT working with elderly patients in home care setting 
  • Cassie Bruski RN: Part time staff nurse at Methodist Hospital. I work in a variety of departments, including the COVID unit. 
  • Ms. Megan Hynes: Nurse anesthetist
  • Ms. Tina LaVergne: Please pray for wisdom and compassion in serving members of a 55 and over residence. 
  • Amanda Hitchings: RN working at a testing site 
  • Anonymous: OB nurse working with COVID positive patients 
  • Miss Gina Barthel: I’m a hospice RN case manager. The emotional and spiritual intensity of hospice care right now is unprecedented in my lifetime. Prayers for strength and peace. 
  • Anonymous: Dietary aide serving long-term residents
  • Anonymous: Nursing assistant working in trauma care
  • Mr. Jeffrey Beyer
  • Mrs. Mari Hobday: Nurse Practitioner with Hospitalist Department at St. Cloud Hospital 
  • Dr. Michael Fang -Yen
  • Mrs. Kathy Trosvik: Nurse on a COVID unit 
  • Anonymous: Pediatric resident physician working in the hospital and pediatric ICU 
  • Mr. William Gerads
  • Anonymous: Nurse practitioner in geriatrics with double facilities now due to furloughs and care for patients has become exponentially difficult. More neglect evident and I don’t have families or other ‘eyes on’ for accountability in a setting where moral burnout is rampant. Please also pray ethical care is promoted among organizational leadership.

Support and Resources for Health Care Workers

Thank you to all who serve in health care. The videos in the playlist below are offered to help support and encourage you in your important work. Watch for further resources to come.

Please let us know how we can pray for you by filling out the Prayer Request Form, and sign up to receive weekly emails with videos and other resources for support. The forms may be found on the right-hand side of this page.

Upcoming Event: Spiritual Retreat for Healthcare Professionals: ‘Wounded Hearts Love Best’

September 25 – 27, 2020

Christ the King Retreat Center, Buffalo

Health care professionals: are you worn out from all the stress of COVID-19? Come enjoy a sacramental weekend of quiet reflection and renewal designed specifically for Catholic health care professionals on the beautiful lakeshore grounds of Christ the King Retreat Center. Learn more.


For Health Care Workers: Prayer Requests, Weekly Email

Are you a health care worker? Provide your information in the form below, and hundreds of lay volunteers and religious will pray for you.

You may also sign up for a weekly email containing a video and resources for support. This form follows the prayer request form. Thank you for your service.

Prayer Request Form

Thank you for your work in health care during this pandemic. Please let us know how we can pray for you.

  • If you do not wish us to publish your name, please describe how we can pray for you. Example: Nurse Working in ICU. This description will be posted on our Prayers page for those who would like to pray for your situation.

Weekly Video and Resources for Support

Health care workers, please sign up here to receive weekly email containing a video and other resources for support. The emails begin the week of June 1, 2020