Statement from Patty Wetterling Regarding Joining the Ministerial Review Board

I was honored that John Choi and Tim O’Malley, both of whom I hold in high regard, asked me to join the Archdiocese’s Ministerial Review Board. John and Tim are collaborative leaders who instill hope. I have known County Attorney John Choi for years and have always admired his unwavering commitment to protecting children and preventing sexual abuse. John and I have partnered in the past on human trafficking initiatives, working together on prevention programs and presenting at training conferences. He is a collaborative leader dedicated to fairness and justice.

I have known Director Tim O’Malley since October 22, 1989 when my son Jacob was abducted. Tim was one of the BCA Agents working on the investigation. Over the years, we have worked closely on my son’s case, on other abduction investigations and on a number of sexual abuse prevention initiatives. As an investigator, BCA Superintendent, Administrative Law Judge and now as the Director of Ministerial Standards and Safe Environment, Tim has proven himself to be a dedicated public servant and champion for protecting children and preventing sexual abuse.

I look forward to working with John, Tim, members of the Ministerial Review Board and others to prevent abuse and keep children safe. I understand the vital importance of the work of the Ministerial Review Board in keeping our communities as safe as possible. I hope my experience will add value to the Board and I pledge to take my responsibilities seriously. For me, this is a great opportunity to help champions that I have always admired build a world where children can grow up free from sexual exploitation. I am honored to serve.