Statement Regarding David Haas

From Tim O’Malley, Director of Ministerial Standards and Safe Environment: 

As stated in a June 14, 2020 response to Catholic News Agency, in 2018 the Archdiocese of Saint Paul and Minneapolis received two reports from another diocese that David Haas acted inappropriately with two adult women at an event in another state. Both women complained that Haas’ conduct made them feel uncomfortable. The Archdiocese had received an earlier complaint, in 1987, that Haas had made unwanted sexual advances toward a young adult woman. In each instance, Haas denied that he engaged in inappropriate conduct. After receiving the 2018 complaint, the Archdiocese informed Haas that it would not provide a letter of recommendation that Haas had requested. Furthermore, we informed Haas that he was not allowed to provide services at Catholic institutions in the Archdiocese without disclosure of these complaints. Unless we receive other information, we will continue this course of action.

The Haas matter illustrates the challenges of responding to allegations of inappropriate behavior by lay persons who work with Catholic groups, especially when they are self-employed. We are committed to supporting anyone who has been harmed by persons of influence, prominence or power in our communities. At the same time, we recognize the importance of having a fair and appropriate forum that provides due process for those who have been accused.

However, the complaints about Haas are particularly concerning since they involve offenses against the dignity of the human person and are alleged to have occurred at Catholic events. We are committed to safe environments for all. We offer our support for those who have been harmed to come forward.

As always, we encourage those who have information of possible criminal behavior to report that to law enforcement. If you have concerns about improper conduct at a parish or school in the Archdiocese, please report that to the parish, school or to the Archdiocese. I may be contacted at or 651-290-1618. The Archdiocesan ombudsperson, Victoria Johnson, may also be contacted to provide assistance in making a report. Johnson can be contacted directly at or 612-990-0022. The ombudsperson acts as an outside resource for individuals having questions or concerns about clerical sexual abuse or other misconduct within the Archdiocese, and is entirely independent of the Archdiocese.